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Here for you from the beginning.

Ameliorate Laboratories was founded by Scott Friesen in September of 2018. Prior to that Scott was an I.T. technician at a large public-sector entity while completing freelance I.T. work on the side for small businesses, non-profits, and other organizations in the service, hospitality, and other industries. Ameliorate Labs was born to fill a gap in tech services for local and regional organizations who need guidance and easy access to knowledgeable and skilled staff, but do not wish to hire positions to fill these needs.

As Ameliorate Labs grew we naturally filled a need in the agriculture automation sector and regularly assist clients across the three Canadian Prairie Provinces. We are now the primary technology contractor for one of Canada's fastest growing agriculture equipment suppliers. We also continue to serve the needs of the local non-profit and business communities.

Our focus on controlled, steady growth allows us to continually add products and services to our portfolio without compromising customer experience and satisfaction. We are committed to serving our clients and developing long-lasting relationships that benefit clients in the short- and long-term.

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